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Silicon Dreams is a game of interrogation and conversation, trust and betrayal. You will play as an android designed for the purpose of performing diagnostics on other androids. 

By asking the right questions and observing your subject’s emotional responses, you will uncover the nuance in their programming, uncover the truth, and submit your recommended course of action to your superiors. Routine maintenance is often the solution, but what about wiping an android’s memory module, or sending them to be decommissioned? What would you do with an android who has run from its owner and refuses to return? 

Making these decisions is the reason you exist. You wouldn’t want to disappoint your creator, would you?

-=This is a demo version intended for testing. Everything is subject to change=-

Select your operating system from the list below, extract the .zip file and run the executable. 

Updated 24 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorClockwork bird
Average sessionAbout an hour


Silicon Dreams demo_Windows.zip 32 MB
Silicon Dreams demo_Linux.zip 47 MB
Silicon Dreams Demo_Mac.zip 52 MB


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The demo doesn't seem to work on macs. (At least, old macs.)

Thanks for this, it's good to know! The current build should work on the latest build; it's a bit difficult making sure it also works for older ones, though. 


Perhaps a third option for a course of action, something like "subject doesn't work like intended, but may be of use in other fields" would be nice to have, perhaps even only as an unlockable option when going through the interrogation?


A.L.E.X. as a personality developing outside their given parameters would be a potential high value asset for research for example.

Thanks so much for the feedback!

The options for A.L.E.X. were left intentionally simple because they're a tutorial character, the choices will be more varied for later subjects ^_^

We're also looking into the bug with the questions becoming locked if you click away :) Should be fixed by the next demo release!

After playing the second case i now know that, but it seems even there decommissioning or memory wiping, rather than proposing a better approach gets you more points, and even there the players options are really limited to destroy the personality or get fewer points which could go towards your own decommission.

There are no indications in the first 2 cases that a good investigation and thinking more about what to do with the problematic android, perhaps finding a way to preserve the personality or finding a way to make use of the "problematic" traits they acquired, will be rewarded.

[SPOILER] Both have acquired traits that they shouldn't be able to, way outside their programming, both show signs they could fully develop into real AI, a company that actually gets to know how to do that could go into new markets or at the very least find out how it happened and how to prevent such a thing. Both could be used to make money from the androids of other companies as well, for diagnostics and finding a new porpus for the androids in question. At least if that kind of knowledge isn't already widespread but i couldn't read something like that into the dialogues. On the other hand theoretically the android played by the player shouldn't be able to think outside the box either like the player actually can.

small bug when interrogating A.L.E.X. (Spoiler):

The problematic question is called "Why did you leave the museum?" and it seems that if you do not immediately use one of the options "You don't have to talk about..." or "Answer the question..." but go to the report and back the conversation is stuck in that decision but you cannot get back to it.