A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

It’s 2065, and you are an interrogator-model android tasked with rooting out deviants among your own kind. You must probe for lies, monitor and exploit emotional spikes, earn the trust of your subjects, and make the final call: release, or destroy?

Investigate humans and androids in a corporate-controlled dystopian future where the lines between the real and the artificial have blurred to almost nothing. Research your subjects, choose your questions carefully, and probe for the truth, however dreadful it may be.

Monitor interviewees’ emotions in real time - joy, sadness, anger, disgust, shock, and fear. Use this data to your advantage, intimidating, cajoling, or even befriending your subjects in order to to uncover more information.

Choose a side in the midst of a brewing conflict: lie to your superiors and spare deviant androids, or condemn them to secure your own survival within the corporation. There are no easy answers. Silicon Dreams has multiple endings depending on the choices you make. Each android could live or die by your words.

Select your operating system from the list below, extract the .zip file and run the executable. 

Note: Unfortunately we are not able to bring the Mac build to itch, due to Apple's strict app-signing measures. We're deeply sorry about this but, as a small studio, we just don't have the time or money to sign builds to Apple's satisfaction! However, it is possible to buy the game for Mac on Steam, so you can at least play it that way.


Silicon Dreams demo_linux.zip 1 GB
Silicon Dreams demo_windows.zip 1 GB

Install instructions

Mac version is currently unsupported: it's a nightmare getting Mac apps signed. Please direct your complaints to the ghost of Steve Jobs.