Small bug fix: game can now be completed! "^.^

Hey all,

You may have run into a problem with the game: no scrollbars!

When we tested the game by playing through the html file in chrome, everything worked fine, the browser generated scroll bars whenever necessary. Once we uploaded it to itch, for some reason, there was a problem and there were no more scrollbars. This is a big problem because some passages are longer than the screen, with the "click here to continue" link at the bottom (and inaccessible without a scroll bar).

I've solved this by splitting up longer passages into smaller ones. So you should be able to play with no problems now.

If you still encounter this, you can get round it by zooming out with your browser. (On chrome, the default is "hold control and scroll out with the mouse wheel"). 

Jamie <3


The Embers of the Stars - 1.1.html Play in browser
Jun 19, 2019

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